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A little about us

Clipclappers was born from an idea of Lia, a designer and an active aunt, passionate about children's clothes and sustainability. Lia seeks non-definitive solutions in her projects. In life as in design, she does not like to make choices that exclude others, but tends to leave many paths open! 
Clipclappers represents the freedom to choose what is right for each of us every day, since childhood. It is a way of seeing things, a state of mind!

Our motto? Free to be Free


Clipclappers products are designed for girls and boys who want to express themselves. 

An interactive stimulus, a game to develop the imagination and encourage learning, independence and fine motor skills.


Clipclappers can become a tool for growth starting from the often complicated moment of getting dressed: a toy that can be worn, an armour to overcome fears and develop self-confidence.


Clipclappers is a bond between parents and children, but also between children who can expand their creativity in a simple and always new way. Playful exchange allows them to interpret who they want to be every day.


Materials and certifications

At Clipclappers we pay a lot of attention to materials. Everything we make is Made In Italy, to guarantee the quality of a short and easily controlled supply chain. The composition of sweatshirts and accessories is 100% natural and breathable certified cotton, which is perfect for the delicate skin of children. The single-fibre cotton composition means that the product is recyclable at the end of its life.



The fabrics we use are 100% OEKO TEX certified cotton, which guarantees the absence of harmful substances. Our fabrics are safe both for the skin and the planet.

The thread around the small patches is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified recycled polyester for long-lasting quality without sacrificing the environment.


The buttons we have chosen are made in Italy and are Nikel Free respecting the delicate skin of children. In some points they are reinforced with thermoadhesive cotton bands for a better grip of the shirt.


Our labels are OEKO TEX Standard 100 certified, tested for harmful substances, and are woven with recycled polyester yarn. They do not stain when washed and come from a short supply chain.

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Sizes & accessories

The sweatshirt is available in 3 sizes that cover a period of time from approximately 3 to 8 years and the accessories adapt to all sizes. As the child grows, a new sweatshirt will be needed but the accessories will stay the same.

The smallest size 3-4 years corresponds to 98-104 cm

The median size 5-6 years corresponds to 110-116 cm

The largest size 7-8 years corresponds to 122-128 cm


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