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Basic Kit
  • Basic Kit

    €85.00 Regular Price
    €72.00Sale Price

    The Clipclappers customizable sweatshirt is a playful space that forms the basis for all interchangeable accessories.

    Here in its basic version it has 15 playful-decorative patches that detach and reattach in all positions. Fun guaranteed!

    The sweatshirt comes in a single unisex chromatic variant or the Petrol color, which allows a lot of versatility in combining colored accessories and is easily combined with a pair of jeans or a monochrome trousers underneath.

    The sweatshirt features a small embroidery with the iconic Clipclappers face on the heart!

    100% made in Italy manufacturing

    Composition 100% OEKO-TEX certified cotton

    Sizes: 3-4 / 5-6  / 7-8

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