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Fashion-Play for girls and boys

a brand of

"Free to be Free"

A playful style that allows children to express their individuality through cheerful colours, but also to be themselves in a practical and comfortable way. As they grow up and become more and more independent, girls and boys can have fun changing outfits every day, becoming the actors of their own imagination, while keeping the same basic garment.  All the accessories fit any size sweatshirt, from 3 to 8 years old.
100% Fun, 100% Sustainable, 100% Gender Neutral

The Clipclappers Sweatshirt

Our first creation is a sweatshirt that becomes a game through functional and playful accessories. Clothing, interaction and creative expression come together to create an alternative to casual dress up. A simple piece of clothing is transformed into a new space that always changes, but without waste. A new way to experiment, learn manual skills and psychomotricity. A playful and creative stimulus in which every combination becomes possible. Children learn to love what they wear, to take care of it and recognise its value.

bambina con felpa clipclappers

Materials and Safety

All Clipclappers sweatshirt and accessory materials are tested and certified for child safety and meet the highest quality standards.

From the fresh cotton of the fabrics, through the yarns of the patches and the recycled polyester labels, to the buttons Made in Italy and Nikel Free. 

The small patches that clip onto the sweatshirt are small in size. This is why Clipclappers products are intended for children over 3 years of age and are designed for the exclusive use of garment decoration.

bambino che corre liberamente

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